Congratulation letter and Reminder to President Buhari


This is my message to H.E President & President Elect Muhammadu Buhari.

No Nigerian politician dead or alive has enjoyed tremendous support, patience and good will of the northern people like you. Please do not take that for granted and abondone where you're loved the most.

In your first tenure many are disappointed by your lopsided concentration in the south in terms of infrastructural development with no or very little to show for the north. Let me made this clear, we in the north does not consider rehabilitation of roads as something to write home. Roads are not special to us especially when the president is one of us. 

We are also not after your political appointments which will ends with your tenure. We want something that the blind and deaf can touch and feel. We want something that will create employments for the masses.

My hope is the actualization of following before 2023.

1. Lagos - Kano Rail: This railway was divided into 4 segment. Fmr Good luck Jonathan has started the Abuja segment which you completed. The Lagos Ibadan segment is nearing completion. Therefore it remains Ibadan Abuja & Kaduna Kano Segments.

I want you to start both Ibadan Abuja & Kano - Kaduna. If that is not possible then leave Ibadan - Abuja & proceed with Kaduna - Kano Segment only. My fear is your tenure will end without the rail reaching the desired destination. SW & Abuja have had enough & it's time you concentrate elsewhere.

Abuja have light rail and also Abuja - Kaduna.

Lagos, Ogun & Ibadan have rail also.

You should also hasten the establishment of transportation Universities in Rivers & Katsina states.

2. Kano, Katsina, Abia & Lagos Textile manufacturing industries: This is part of the agreement you signed last year with the Chinese authorities. You should proceed with the implementation with no further delay. I believe it will create employment and also make Nigeria an exporter of textile materials.

3. $2.8 Bn Ajaokuta Kaduna Kano (AKK) Gas Pipeline which will provide stable flow of gas within the region for commercial activities to thrive.

4. 3000Mw Mambila Hydroelectric Power Project in Taraba State.

5. Hasten the completion of 700mw zungeru hydropower in Niger state. Hasten the completion of Mal Aminu Kano International airport new terminal. Abuja, Ph new airports terminals are already functioning, with Lagos terminal nearing completion. 

But Kano terminal construction is not satisfactory as at last visit by the senate committee on transportation.

Remember you're falsely accused of favoring the north. Favor it with purpose so that you can be rightly accused.

On a general note we are disappointed infrastructural wise in your first tenure. We hope to see changes now. May you succeed in good health. Amin

Almustapha suleiman kankia 

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